Without oxygen in space, why can the sun continue to burn? We are all confused by the illusion!

Without oxygen in space, why can the sun continue to burn? We are all confused by the illusion!


With the rapid development of science and technology, everyone enjoys the convenience brought by science and technology. Generally speaking, science and technology is a double-edged sword with advantages and disadvantages. Although it promotes the development of human society, it makes many people lose the meaning of life. We often meet people who are playing games all the time. They have been controlled by mobile phones. If they don’t play games for a few minutes, they feel nothing to do Do it.


Technology dominates our lives. More and more people are short-sighted and prone to cervical spondylosis. If human beings do not control and make rational use of it, we can imagine what human beings will look like in the future. At the beginning, the popularity of mobile phones is very meaningful. The most important function is to obtain information, and there is no need to use letters to transmit information. No matter how far away you are, you can make a phone call with mobile phones to communicate. Everyone’s life on the earth has its own value. Why can everyone live in good health on the earth? The main reason is that the earth provides sufficient resources, in which oxygen is indispensable. When breathing, it needs to absorb a lot of oxygen. Without oxygen in space, why can the sun continue to burn? We are all confused by the illusion!


The reason why the sun keeps burning is revealed


There has always been a question that puzzles scientists. Why can the sun keep burning without oxygen in space? Through the unremitting efforts of scientists, we finally found the answer behind. The burning of the sun is quite different from the burning in our eyes. The burning conditions of objects on earth do not need to be met in space. The burning of the sun in human eyes is actually releasing energy. We all know that nuclear fusion has very powerful energy, and nuclear fusion happens all the time in the center of the sun.


According to scientific research, the central temperature of the sun can reach 15 million degrees Celsius. This area is not only hot, but also has high pressure. Thermonuclear reactions have been taking place all the time, releasing energy to the outside world continuously. As soon as anything gets close, the sun melts. The sun’s light and heat are about millions of tons per second. There is no end to this consumption. That’s why the sun keeps burning. In the final analysis, it’s not the role of oxygen, but the temperature of the sun. Everyone should thank the sun for its light and heat.


The importance of oxygen to every living thing


The atmosphere and oxygen, which are common in our daily life, play an important role. It’s not hard to imagine that if the sun shines directly on people’s skin, it is easy to cause skin cancer. After all, no one can bear such a high temperature. With oxygen and atmosphere, they can block stronger light and heat. The light absorbed by human beings is more gentle, which leads to human beings today. Without the sun, the earth will lose its light and enter the dark world. Like the life on the sea floor, no one wants to see this. We can imagine the importance of the sun. It can continue to burn in space, or it depends on its own ability.


Nowadays, the earth is facing many problems, such as global warming, marine pollution and so on. Human beings are not aware of their own behavior, and the earth will be destroyed one day in the future. In order to make human beings survive for a longer time, everyone should contribute his own meager efforts. What’s your opinion on this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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