Wolves will attack humans. Why don’t they attack babies? Instead, they will raise human babies?

As one of the more ferocious creatures in the forest, we can always see wolves in the mountains decades ago. Nowadays, the number of wolves is less and less, but we still can’t relax our vigilance. The hunting ability of wolves is still 10 points strong. If we encounter wolves in the wild, we can’t defeat them by one person. But in some cases, wolves do not attack humans, and even raise human babies. This is what we call wolf children. What is the reason?


The legend of wolf child can be traced back to the 14th century. At that time, more than a dozen wolf children were found in the world. It’s like a Spanish teenager who has lived with wolves for 12 years and an Indian girl who has lived with wolves for many years. Wolves don’t attack babies. On the contrary, under the support of wolves, human babies will learn the wolf’s way of life. They not only walk on all fours and eat raw animal meat, but also can’t speak. They can only howl like wolves. Many people are also surprised by this phenomenon. Why don’t wolves attack humans? Scientists think it may have something to do with the habits of wolves.


Why don’t wolves attack babies?


In fact, wolves, like humans, prefer to live in groups. Generally speaking, there are about a dozen old wolves. Each wolf group is a small tribe, in which there is a leader. The male wolf is responsible for predation, and the female wolf is responsible for raising. Some of the coyotes have lost their mothers, and others will continue to raise them. In fact, wolves are more resistant to alien creatures. Even if they encounter strange wolves, they will be attacked or even die. Although the attack power of wolves is very strong, they still take care of the young wolves. Just like when they encounter a child abandoned by human beings, the female wolf will also play a maternal role and raise the child as a young wolf.


Indian wolf child


In the 1920s, human beings found a strange creature in a small mountain village in India. Although it looked like human beings, it could not speak by crawling on all fours. When human beings finally caught these two unknown creatures, they found that they were actually two little girls. This situation has also attracted the attention of local scientists, who have also carried out field exploration on this phenomenon. The two little girls are two years old and the other is seven years old. People do not know how long they have lived with wolves, but all their behavior habits are the same as wolves.


After all, humans and wolves are different. Although only two little girls show wolf like living habits, humans have corrected them. After many years of learning, although the two little girls have the appearance of ordinary people and can integrate into society, they all died one after another in a short time.


Spanish wolf child


In 1954, a boy from Spain also lived with wolves for 12 years. Fortunately, he was discovered by human beings and brought back to modern society. He spent a long time practicing speaking and communicating. Fortunately, he still lives in the world.

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