Women can do this posture, men absolutely can’t do it

Although in today’s society, men and women are equal, and women can do many things that men can do, it seems that men can’t do many things that women can do, such as cross dressing. It’s cool for a girl to wear a boy’s clothes, but it’s cool for a boy to wear a girl’s clothes


There was such a selection on the Internet that “the most feminine posture”, a sitting posture called “duck sitting”, won the first prize. This sitting posture is named for its extreme resemblance to a sitting duck, with legs and soles of feet on the outside of thighs and buttocks fully touching the ground. Duck sitting seems to be leisure and comfortable, but when human sister comes to do it, it’s far more than that.

Although this kind of sitting posture is young and sexy, there seems to be a “imitation fever” after the selection, and most of the imitators are boys. Many male compatriots say that this kind of female exclusive posture can’t be done at all. Don’t believe it, because the pelvic bone structure of men and women is different, so this kind of posture can only be done by women. Of course, if you have to challenge, please remember the following points.


1. The thighs and legs are completely together.


2. Make sure your butt hits the ground.

3. The direction of the two feet to the inside.


In fact, Xiaobian is quite good. Some people say that this posture is not difficult. Some male compatriots have succeeded. Xiaobian certainly knows that you must be eager to try. I don’t know. As a man, can you do it?

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