Women even eat pesticides after 6 years to do inspection, not poisoning does not die, experts: human normal phenomenon

666 powder, known as an insecticide, is as toxic as dichlorvos. In China, there is a very strange woman who eats 666 flour. This woman is Ms. Cheng.

According to Ms. Cheng’s own recollection, she had to eat at least 100 grams, or two taels of 666 powder, every day. What is the total amount of 365 days a year? And she had been eating for six years. It’s as high as 130 kg. Maybe for ordinary people, 130 kg of food is nothing in six years, but note that Ms. Cheng is eating an insecticide here.

What is the matter? It was six years ago. Ms. Cheng herself has a quirk, that is, she is very sensitive to pungent smell and likes it very much. Once when killing insects on crops in the field, Ms. Cheng smelled the smell of 666 powder. She thought it was very charming and delicious, so she persuaded herself that she just had a taste. Later did not expect that she seemed to find a gold mine, began to eat 666 powder so addicted.


So 666 powder is really highly toxic, but why is there nothing wrong with Ms. Cheng? The doctors took Ms. Cheng to the Medical University for examination, and later found that the cause of her stomachache, which Ms. Cheng often said, was actually because she had uterine fibroids. And from the data of neuroelectrocardiography, her neuroelectrocardiographic system is even more healthy than normal people. This conclusion can prove that Ms. Cheng is a person with normal intelligence. But why did she act so strangely? In addition, there should be a lot of toxins left in her body, but the blood test proved that there was no toxin left in her body.

This result surprised all medical experts. After eating 666 powder for more than six years, she showed no signs of poisoning. All this seemed to tell Ms. Cheng that she was a strange person who tasted the poison but didn’t get poisoned.

Later, experts cast doubt on the 666 powder, so the precise powder analysis started. First of all, the experts analyzed the control powder for the mice, and sure enough, all the mice who took 666 powder died. This means that this kind of 666 powder has strong toxicity.

The expert still didn’t give up, and then used the precision instrument to analyze the 666 powder, and the expert asked the assistant to buy a 666 powder on the market. After comparing the results, I suddenly realized that the 666 powder used by Ms. Cheng was a product without national standard in 1983. This product has less toxicity and little harm to human body, and can be eliminated by free metabolism. So Ms. Cheng has been eating for so many years, but there is still no problem. This is actually a normal phenomenon of the human body.


But for mice, this kind of harm is very big. Now the 666 powder on the market has passed the national standard test, and the effective ingredients are as high as 83%. If Ms. Cheng eats the 666 powder, she will die soon.

Besides, Ms. Cheng just said that she likes the taste of gasoline and 666 powder, which is actually a kind of pica. It’s a mental health problem, so Ms. Cheng had a two-week treatment in the hospital. Since then, her pica has greatly improved. From then on, her family no longer had to worry about her intake of 666 powder, and she became more and more healthy because she gave up 666 powder, thus getting rid of the entanglement of 666 powder on both psychological and physiological levels.

The diversification of human psychology leads to the diversification of human behavior. When we find abnormal behavior, we don’t need to think it’s a supernatural event. All we do is believe in science.


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