Woodpecker is not a good bird at all! Do you know what it really is? It turned out that we were all cheated

As a child, we often see the description of woodpecker in the textbook. It is said in the textbook that woodpecker is a forest doctor and a good selfless bird. It will help trees drive away the pests in their bodies. Is that really the case?

Let’s watch it together!


It is understood that a woodpecker can eat about 1500 pests every day. I wonder if you have ever wondered where birds go to look for so many insects?

In fact, sometimes in order to eat more insects, they will empty the trees, and even some woodpeckers will empty the whole tree to occupy the trees in order to build their own nest.


It is observed that woodpeckers peck trees 500-600 times a day.

Moreover, in order to get food, woodpeckers make holes in the tree to make the resin flow out, deliberately attract and lay eggs here. Do you think the image of woodpecker “beneficial bird” is self directed and self performed!


In fact, trees have become tools for them to get food. What’s more, some woodpeckers are very dedicated to protecting their “property”. They usually frantically collect acorns, eat a small part of them, and store the rest in the trunk.

How to store it? Of course, it is to peck the trees into holes, and then plug acorns into the holes, which is a great harm to the trees. According to statistics, oak woodpeckers can embed thousands of acorns in the same tree.


Moreover, some woodpeckers can’t control their crazy nature of punching holes, and they will arbitrarily punch holes in the power poles, fences, beams and other places built by human beings.

So woodpeckers are not forest doctors at all. They are even natural enemies of trees. Woodpeckers do more harm than good to trees.


Xiaobian thinks that if the tree can choose, it will not choose to let the woodpecker treat the pests for itself!

What do you think of woodpeckers? Welcome to comment area.

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