World War II Germany’s “black technology” design, each one is almost crazy, people can’t imagine

We know that Germany developed a lot of black technology during World War II. In order to reverse the war situation, Germany urgently needed to make a breakthrough in conventional weapons. It wanted to rely on powerful individual weapons to defeat the huge number of allied forces, so some unexpected and almost crazy weapons came into being. Let’s have a look!

Jet fighter me.262

Me.262, the world’s first combat jet fighter, was developed by Germany’s Messer Schmidt company. You should know that the main fighters at that time were all propeller fighters. This kind of jet fighter was just alien technology.

Although the me.262 could not give full play to its superiority under the air sea tactics of the Allied forces at that time, the pilots of the Allied forces at that time were quite surprised to see such a fighter without propeller and with a speed of 800 km / h.

V-series missiles

At the end of World War II, Germany was more and more unable to bear the Allied bombing, so the V series long-range missiles came into being. In 1944, the first V1 missile was successfully developed, and then more than 10000 V1 missiles were launched to the British mainland for bombing, especially London, which once caused panic to the British people.

Then the V2 missile was successfully developed, which was the first ballistic missile in the world. As a missile guided missile, V2 was first pushed to an altitude of 48 km by liquid fuel. Then continue to inertial rise to 88 km, and then at a speed of 3500 km per hour in the form of parabolic inertial fall, hit the ground at a speed of about 2800 km per hour.

This kind of speed is much faster than the pulse jet engine of V1. Although the precision is average, the psychological shadow area caused by this completely unstoppable speed on the British people is the square of V1. The V3 long-range artillery is an innovative weapon of missile + artillery based on v2.

At that time, due to the high cost of V1 and the low precision of V2, Germany developed the V3 artillery, which could launch 83 kg shells 300 km away. In order to be able to hit London, the gun’s firing base was selected in Calais, France.

Once put into use, V3 artillery can accurately bomb any facilities in London, but the French area is within the bombing range of the Allied forces. Before V3 artillery is put into use, it is bombed upside down by the Allied bombers.

Ho-229 fighter bomber

The ho-229 fighter bomber was designed by the famous Houghton brothers at that time. It was the first aircraft without vertical tail in the world. Without vertical tail, the radar reflection area was reduced. In addition, the V-shaped design of the whole fuselage and the coating of the mixture of black glue and charcoal that can absorb radar waves were applied. It is not too much to say that it is the first stealth bomber in the world.

Its design goal is to have a missile carrying capacity of one ton and a combat radius of 1900 km. It has both ground and air combat capabilities. So far, no fighter has been able to achieve this capability. As its ceiling capacity has reached a terrible 16000 meters, the pilot is also equipped with supercharged suits similar to those used by modern high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft.

Only three of them were built, and the war ended in the test flight stage. Many of the design concepts of this bomber were applied to the famous B2 stealth bomber of the United States, which can be said to be a spiritual continuation of ho-229.

Silver Bird sky bomber

Silver Bird bomber is a kind of super high altitude bomber developed by German scientists at the end of World War II. Its shape design and technical content are not inferior to now. It takes off with the help of long sliding track, which will give the aircraft a very high initial speed and enable it to reach an altitude of 100 km, which is far beyond the stratosphere of modern civil aviation airliner and reaches the middle layer, so it’s very important It’s also a suborbital bomber.

At this height, it can attack any place in the world. Although the space bomber has not been really developed, its design concept is completely beyond the level of science and technology at that time, and it is a very advanced concept until now.

The next generation of global attack platform B-3 bomber of the United States is a kind of air space bomber. It’s hard to imagine that Germany began to develop similar flights as early as 70 years ago.

Solar gun

We all know that using a magnifying glass to focus the sun’s light at a point can ignite an object. What would this simple principle look like if it were magnified into a weapon?

German solar cannons in World War II were the ultimate amplification of this simple principle. This idea was put forward by Herman obot, a famous German rocket scientist at that time. He pointed out that as long as a pair of giant concave mirrors were launched into space and sunlight was concentrated to a certain point, it could produce ultra-high temperature that no defense facility could resist, burn enemy warships on the ground, or even destroy the enemy Destroy enemy provinces and cities.

The weapon will be placed on an 8200 km high orbital space station with a mirror area of more than 9 square kilometers and a weight of one million tons. At that time, Germany did not have a space station. Obert envisioned replacing it with a giant rocket. After the rocket entered earth orbit, six long metal cables will be opened, which will be extended and deployed in place by itself driven by the rotation of the rocket, As the skeleton of the space station.

The following Rockets will transport a pair of sunglasses from earth to space. These sunglasses are essentially hollow metal frames made of sodium. On earth, high-purity metal sodium will oxidize rapidly, but there is no such problem in space.

Moreover, the metal sodium has good reflection effect and low density. It is an ideal raw material for sunglasses in the eyes of the German people. Along the framework, the sunglasses are assembled one by one, and finally a huge concave mirror can be assembled. The sun cannon was finished.

The small rockets installed around the solar cannons are used to move the solar cannons to attack the targets on the ground. According to the idea at that time, it took 30 years to build such a solar cannons, and the most difficult thing at that time was to develop a giant space rocket as the skeleton of the space station, so Albert failed to achieve his goal.

These weapons were one of the black technologies at that time. Because Germany attached great importance to scientific and technological research and development during World War II, it gathered a lot of scientists to achieve these achievements. These black technologies are still amazing today!

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