Wormhole or real existence? The ancients left for a year, looking back, they found that they left for a thousand years

What’s the record of crossing?

Nowadays, there is a very interesting theme in movies and TV plays, which is crossing. The major writers are also fond of talking about this, and even there are special classifications in some literature websites, which makes people have to think about a problem. Does crossing really exist? If not, everything is imagined out of thin air? If it can really cross, what are its media and conditions?

From ancient times to the present, there are also relevant descriptions in various literary classics. For example, in the story of Taohuayuan, the fisherman wanted to return to Taohuayuan again, but he couldn’t find the entrance again. When Liu Ziji, a native of Nanyang, went to look for it, he died because there was no reason.

All this makes it clear that the fisherman’s previous experience is actually a crossing. Or a dream for a thousand years often appears in literary classics. After all, these things exist in current movies and TV works, so there has been a heated discussion about crossing.


The medium of travel

When the idea was put forward, some netizens said, is the medium of this passage the wormhole Einstein once said?

According to Einstein’s theory, wormholes are also called time holes. They are two different time-space tunnels that may be related to each other in the universe, and can realize space displacement at the same time. In short, wormholes are like time machines, which can travel at different times and places.

Of course, when scientists look at wormholes nowadays, they also describe them as oxygen, which is indispensable and inseparable in life. Although they are everywhere, no one knows where they are at all.

Records of “wormhole” in ancient China


Liu Yiqing, a scholar of the Southern Dynasties, once wrote an interesting story, which was published in his Youming Lu. In 62 A.D., two young people lived by collecting herbs. One was Liu Cheng, the other was Ruan Zhao. They had been gathering herbs together all over the world, most of them in Tiantai Mountain. The mountain, now in Zhejiang Province, China, is lush and precipitous.

I didn’t expect that they got lost in the process of collecting herbs. They felt very strange. After all, they were very familiar with Tiantai Mountain, but they just got lost when they walked. It was getting late and they didn’t know anyone. They were at a loss.

At this time, a large lotus leaf suddenly appeared by the stream, and there were some rice on the lotus leaf. They were overjoyed. If they had the food, it would mean that there was someone else. As they walked, they found that there were two girls in front of them, and one of them said to him, Liu Lang, Ruan Lang, how did you come back? I’ve been waiting for you for a long time. Let’s go home. 、

I didn’t expect that it was just like this. One year passed.


Although they live a happy life, they are always worried about their parents and other relatives, so they can only turn back along the way they came. Once they go down the mountain, it seems that they have arrived in another world, because everything is different from before. Later, they learned that their parents and relatives have long passed away, and the times have changed, so they can’t name them. It’s only a year They spent a lot of time inside, but it was 1000 years outside.

From this we can see that the history books handed down from generation to generation can prove that wormholes are very likely to exist.


All of the above are literary historical materials, which may have the subjective ideas of the compilers. However, combined with Einstein’s theory, people will have to seriously consider whether wormholes really exist. If we can find wormholes and quickly pass through them after entering the advanced civilization in the future, all these will undoubtedly be great changes for human beings.

After all, this kind of existence beyond the speed of light makes human beings no longer limited to the earth, the solar system and the Milky way. At that time, it may be very easy to find extraterrestrial life.

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