Wormholes everywhere? Hawking has given the answer for a long time, but it is ignored by human beings!

The wormhole is invisible to the naked eye, so you can find it and cross it? Hawking unveils its true identity!


Crossing is a difficult thing for ordinary people. Many TV dramas and movies involve the plot of crossing, which makes many people mistakenly think that crossing is feasible. Sober people all know that crossing is already against the laws of nature, unless we can find a way to cross, such as superluminal, black holes, wormholes and so on. In the view of scientists, only these three ways can realize the real sense of crossing, but it is more difficult to realize one of these three ways. They can’t see or touch, and it’s hard to confirm where they are.


What is a wormhole?


In 1916, the concept of wormhole was put forward. Einstein, a famous physicist, believed that as long as human beings could pass through the wormhole, they could pass through it smoothly. At first, people didn’t agree with him. It is virtual and impossible to really exist. Later, when scientists discovered the black hole, they overturned the previous cognition. Maybe the wormhole has always existed in the universe, and it may be swallowed by the black hole. The wormhole and the black hole appear at about the same time, and they have a very strong gravity, and any object around it can’t escape its clutches. The wormhole is invisible to the naked eye, so you can find it and cross it? Hawking unveils its true identity!


The reason why humans can’t find wormholes is that they have been hiding in the black hole. With the existing science and technology, it’s impossible to enter the black hole, so we can’t see the wormholes all the time. In Hawking’s view, wormholes are not as far away as we think. They may be around everyone. It’s like a tunnel. As long as we pass through it, we can reach a higher level Dimension space. It may be as small as a grain of sand, and it’s hard for humans to see it with the naked eye.


Why can’t humans find wormholes?


All along, the existence of four-dimensional space is a big problem. This multidimensional space theory has puzzled scientists for many years. Some scientists speculate that there are at least 11 dimensional spaces in the universe. Human beings live in three-dimensional space and know nothing about everything in other dimensional spaces. If humans can apply the concept of wormhole and find a crack or tunnel, they may be able to cross it.


From a scientific point of view, it is very difficult for human beings to reach such a state, because we have no idea where the wormhole is and how it exists in the universe. This is a very difficult problem. Long ago, scientists proposed the existence of gravity. Take the earth as an example. The reason why the earth has been able to survive unharmed so far is due to the protection stars around it. They have strong gravity, attracting many asteroids to the past, which makes the earth survive a disaster.


Modern scientists can’t give an accurate answer to whether traversing exists or not, because it involves many unconventional concepts. No matter wormhole or black hole, it seems that there is a magical force that leads human beings to continuously explore. Although human beings have not found their specific location up to now, they certainly exist in the universe. Where do you think they will hide Where is it? You can leave a message for interaction.

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