Would the world be a better place if human beings lost their sense of pain? Fingers will be “gnawed light”!

Human life in the world, life will inevitably encounter some accidents, some people will lose limbs or lost hearing and papers in accidents. In fact, in addition to hearing and vision, pain may also disappear in daily life. Someone once put forward the view that if pain disappeared in the process of human evolution, we would never feel pain again. What would the world look like?


Life without pain


A lot of people will feel that the world is so beautiful after hearing this question for one second! This will be a great blessing for some pain sensitive patients. They no longer have to affect their lives because of pain. Doctors do not need anesthesia when they do surgery. They can operate directly, and there will be no anesthesia sequelae, which greatly saves the operation time. Women don’t feel pain when they give birth. Such a world is really enviable. However, is this really the case? Scientists believe that the answer is just the opposite. If human pain disappears, it may even threaten their own lives.


Little girls in England


When human beings are only a few years old, they are curious about the world. They want to touch everything, even knives and hot water. At this time, pain will be used as a protective mechanism, and parents will stop it in time to avoid injury. In the United States, there is such a little girl, her name is goby, she is born without pain, no matter what kind of injury is not felt. Because of these symptoms, she had her left eye removed in 2004, because she often put her hand into her eye. In order to protect her eyes, doctors once tried to sew them up. As she grew older, they put on goggles for her. However, her eyes were still damaged and she was forced to have an operation.


It is the appearance of this little girl that makes many people rethink this issue. Pain may be the greatest gift of life to mankind. After seeing the experience of this little girl, more and more people feel shocked. In fact, there are many such patients in the world. They are not born with pain. Some people even take gnawing their fingers as a habit and gnaw them all.


Congenital painlessness


There is a pair of brothers and sisters in the UK who once roasted their hands on the flame. Even if the shape of their hands changed, they could not feel any pain. There are many cases like this. In fact, what they suffered from is a kind of congenital painless disease. There is no way to cure it at present, so they can only do a good job in prevention and protection.


At present, although human medical technology has been very developed, there is still no effective drug to solve this disease. Scientists have done a lot of experiments in order to study this disease. If they can find out the cause of this disease, they may bring good experience to painkiller technology. So after seeing these cases of painless patients, do you still think that the world will be very beautiful after the pain of human beings disappears?

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