Wrong direction! NASA: there may be aliens in the solar system, but they are extinct

In the vast universe, is there only human being as an intelligent creature? SETI scientists look for radio signals from distant star systems, trying to find clues of alien intelligent civilization, but NASA research shows that we may not need to go far, because there may be alien remains in the solar system!


Recently, at NASA’s “technical characteristics of alien civilizations” seminar, relevant experts pointed out that advanced civilizations will leave unique traces on the planet they live on, which is the so-called “technical characteristics”. If we find these technical features in the solar system, we should think seriously that they are not from the interstellar civilization.

Take the earth as an example. If human civilization dies out one day, most buildings will be weathered and eroded within hundreds to thousands of years. Some extremely huge or special artifacts, such as the pyramids of Egypt or the presidential hill of the United States, may stand for tens of thousands of years. What remains in glaciers or dry caves will remain intact for hundreds of thousands of years. The mineralized biological records can be preserved for hundreds of millions of years. In addition, there are caves left by resource exploitation, tunnels as dense as urban underground cobwebs, and a large number of unnatural chemicals.


Although human civilization is still in the early stage of development, and has just crossed the boundaries of interstellar travel and communication, it is the only species in the universe that can affect the observability of planets. Human economic activities have greatly changed the composition of the earth’s atmosphere. Thousands of satellites and space debris are enough to change the brightness of the earth’s transit.


The study shows that ancient Venus and Mars, like the earth, had vast oceans and suitable environments. If they have cultivated highly developed civilizations in the past, we may find the remains of these civilizations in the solar system.

Jenson white, an astrophysicist at Penn State University, admits that it’s not easy to find similar sites. With such intense crustal plate movement and surface erosion, it is likely that all traces of civilization have long been erased, and even if they are lucky enough to retain them, they may have changed beyond recognition.


Gold is worse than Earth. About 500 million years ago, Venus experienced a severe surface reconstruction. The magma spewed out covers 80% of the earth’s surface, and today’s Venus environment is as terrible as hell, with temperatures as high as 485 degrees Celsius, making the possibility of the re emergence of possible cultural relics extremely small.


On the contrary, Mars is the most promising planet to discover the remains of alien civilization. Jason white believes that sandstorms on the red planet are often rampant. Although human orbiters can’t recognize them from space, traces of ancient civilization may be hidden in the thick Martian soil.

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