“X” shape unknown object, appeared near the earth, NASA is not willing to disclose other information

The sun is the nearest star to the earth. Without the sun, there would be nothing on the earth. Although the sun is very important to human beings, we know little about it, and there are still many unsolved mysteries about it.


In order to better study the sun and solve these scientific problems, NASA has launched a special solar surface observation probe (SoHo), which will release some videos about the situation around the sun from time to time. But since the probe released its first video, some people have thought that the SOHO video we saw was modified by NASA to cover unidentified objects that often appear around the sun.

Recently, some foreign UFO hunters found some unusual objects in the solar energy video released by NASA. Once the news broke out, it immediately triggered a discussion about the truth on the Internet, and even some scientists were shocked.


From the screenshot circulated on the Internet, we can clearly see a mysterious “X” shaped object very close to the sun. According to the comparison with the sun, we can find that the volume of this mysterious object is very large. The difference between the unknown objects around you is that through the footprints around you, you can see the object flying out of the sun.


The discovery surprised everyone, and many scientists even said frankly that it was impossible. It is necessary to know that the temperature of the sun can reach millions of degrees. At present, no material can withstand such high temperature, but this kind of flying saucer is negligible, and the unhindered high temperature is really shocking.

When everyone wanted to know what the object was, it was found that the mysterious UFO was very similar to the previously discovered “X” shaped “spaceship”. A few months ago, the European astronomical observatory discovered the so-called “x spacecraft”. When they were observing the sun, they came across an unknown blue object flying towards the sun at high speed.


At first, scientists saw that its tail was very long. They thought it was a comet coming towards the sun, but when they looked deeper, they began to think that the object might not be a comet. Because through observation, we can see that this “comet” looks like an “X” shaped spaceship in a science fiction movie.


In order to find out what the object is, scientists even tracked and observed it in the Hubble telescope. Many scientists who have seen “comet” photos say that this object is definitely not a comet, because it is impossible for nature to form this material and form a comet.

Similar to the mysterious cosmological visitor “aomomo” who made a sensation in the world last year, the unknown objects observed by Hubble also crossed the solar system, and their shapes are very similar to those of the unknown objects flying out of the sun this time. Many people think that the two observations of unrecognized objects may be the same.


But this “X” shape object is much more mysterious than “Omo”, because it can pass through millions of high temperatures, which is obviously beyond the scope of human understanding. As for why it goes into the sun, maybe it just uses the super high temperature of the sun to do things we can’t understand.


And NASA may not pay attention to this object when releasing this video, so the video is released without modification. Perhaps the universe is more mysterious than we think, and the number of advanced civilizations in the universe may exceed human knowledge.

In fact, since mankind entered the space age, they have become more and more insignificant and ordinary. It is in this state of mind that whenever they encounter or discover some inexplicable problems in the universe, they tend to keep silent and try to cover up the side of the necessary panic problems. But I think with the development of human science and technology, sooner or later, human beings will reveal the secrets hidden in the universe.

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