Xiaomi will launch the “49 yuan for battery” activity, but it has angered most Xiaomi 6 users!

In the Android camp, the most typical nail household mobile phone should be Xiaomi 6, which was released in 2017. It is said that many Xiaomi users do not want to replace it, mainly because the mobile phone is very easy to use. On the one hand, the configuration is not out of date. Xiaolong 835 processor can easily run some current mobile games, and Xiaomi 6 can now be updated to the latest MIUI system In addition, fluency can be guaranteed.


For the majority of Xiaomi 6 nail households, there is no need to replace a new machine. If you replace a battery after one or two years, you will feel that you can continue to use it for another two years or so. Although Lei Jun has repeatedly hinted and stimulated Xiaomi 6 users to replace a new machine, the effect is not very obvious. There are still a large number of Xiaomi 6 users.


People who pay close attention to Xiaomi should know that in the near future, Xiaomi officially launched a preferential activity. In addition to the most basic cleaning, disinfection and film sticking services, it also launched a 49 yuan battery replacement activity. However, the duration of this activity is very short, starting from March 11 and ending on March 17, and not all models can participate in this activity, according to the According to the official introduction, a total of 15 models can participate in the 49 yuan battery replacement activity.


In these 15 models, including Xiaomi max3, Hongmi 6, Hongmi 6a, Xiaomi 8, Xiaomi 8se, Xiaomi 8 youth version, Xiaomi 8 screen fingerprint version, Xiaomi 8 exploration version, Xiaomi 9, Xiaomi 9se, Xiaomi 9pro 5g, Xiaomi 9 exploration version, Xiaomi mix2, Xiaomi mix2s, Xiaomi mix3. Although these 15 models already contain a large number of Xiaomi users, Xiaomi 6 users are not happy after watching them, because Xiaomi 6 is not included in these 15 models.


You know, at present, the most need to replace the battery should be Xiaomi 6 users, especially for the first batch of users to start with Xiaomi 6. After using the mobile phone for such a long time, they must want to replace a battery. So we can see in the official micro blog comment area that many Xiaomi users suggest that the official Xiaomi 6 mobile phone should also be added to the active model.


But if you think about it carefully, this suggestion will not be adopted by the official. After all, now the official is eager for Xiaomi 6 users to change their mobile phones. If Xiaomi 6 is added to this activity, these nail users will be more stubborn and it will be more difficult to stimulate them to change their mobile phones. What do you think of this?

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