Xiaoshan Airport in Zhejiang Province, there are unidentified objects, the scene was blocked, the official answer to the controversy!

UFO news has been common in China, in fact, most of the news are human pranks, no more than UAVs, or natural phenomena. However, there was an unidentified object over Xiaoshan Airport in Zhejiang Province. This incident made a lot of noise at that time and made the headlines. It is still full of controversy until now. Do you still have an impression?


UFO at Xiaoshan Airport


When we now open the Internet, people can still search for relevant information. This UFO appears at more than 9 p.m., which is very eye-catching in the dark night sky. At that time, the staff were closely monitoring the situation in the sky. When they found an unknown object, they quickly reported it to their superiors and quickly blocked the scene, resulting in many flight delays and forced landing at other airports. At that time, many witnesses took photos, and there were luminous unidentified objects in the sky. These photos were widely spread on the Internet, and many people even clamored that aliens had come to the earth.


The passenger flow of the airport is very large. With the help of the network, the government has also noticed this situation. I didn’t expect that after two or three days, most of the videos circulated on the Internet disappeared, and the unknown objects in the air didn’t get the final answer. Official media reported that the unknown object was a private plane and had nothing to do with aliens. Although the official gave the answer, many netizens still didn’t buy it. When the media interviewed the staff, they didn’t detect the private plane on the radar. If it was just a private plane, how could it block the airport?


Eyewitness description


Therefore, many conspiracy theorists believe that the UFO over the airport has something to do with aliens. Maybe the government has found the identity of the UFO, but due to some reasons, it can not be made public. At that time, many eyewitnesses saw the UFO. They thought that if the UFO was really a plane, the sound was still very loud when it took off and landed, but they lived near the airport and didn’t hear any sound at all.


The eyewitness claimed that the unidentified object also had a bright red spot. It didn’t take long for them to pick up the camera to shoot, and the unidentified object disappeared quickly. It seems that the speed of the plane can’t reach. Many years have passed, and we have no way to verify it. Maybe this event will become an unsolved mystery in history.


UFOs have appeared in the sky of many countries, which must be common to all of us. Even if many conspiracy theorists believe that extraterrestrial life has come to the earth, and these UFOs are the best evidence, no one has really seen aliens. We can’t jump to a conclusion through these fuzzy videos. I don’t know what you think about this?

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