Xiaoshancun found a stone from outer space. Why use it to boil water and turn it into a midwifery artifact

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicine is usually baked and steamed before it can be made into soup and taken directly.

But you know what? In Guangxi, there is a kind of stone that can even be used as “traditional Chinese medicine” and can also be used to boil water to cure diseases. What the hell is going on? If you want to know, let Xiaobian reveal the secret for you.

Located in Donglan Hongshui River, Hechi City, Guangxi Province, there is a very remote village named Xiadu Village. It is such a simple village, but there has been a long legend that there was a dragon in the red river here a long time ago. It often comes out of the water and eats the people in the village, which makes the local people very painful.


The Dragon did a lot of bad things. Lei Gong and Dianmu came to subdue the dragon. After the two gods subdued him, Gong Lei dropped his axe to subdue the dragon. The axe also turned into a strange stone. The local people called it “Gong Lei axe” or “Jinyang Shikun”.

Don’t think it’s just a myth and legend. In fact, “yangjinshi” does exist. At Lao Qin’s home in Xiadu Village, there is a “yangjinshi”, which is used by most people in the village.

What can yangjinshicheng be used for? It’s amazing. According to the villagers, “as long as the family’s mother-in-law and aunt give birth to a child, they use this stone to boil water to drink, so as to ensure the smooth birth of the child and the safety of the mother and child.” Because of this, the “yangjinshicheng” of the old Qin family is often borrowed by villagers.

The function of “nourishing gold and stone technetium” is no secret in the village. With the development of modern network, all kinds of anecdotes have been uploaded to the Internet. The magical effect of “nourishing gold and gems” has begun to be known by other netizens.


Among the netizens, there are many famous experts in epigraphy. They have been studying epigraphy all their lives and have never heard of such a magical stone. Therefore, they set up an expert group to investigate.

After arriving at Laoqin’s home, the experts met the so-called “Jinyang Shikun”. It is no exaggeration to say that this kind of stone is simply ugly, even its uneven appearance is even uglier than ordinary stone.

Experts through visual observation and instrument analysis found that this stone is not an ordinary stone, but a meteorite from space. The results of instrumental analysis show that the content of “gold” in the material composition of “yangjinshicheng” is very high, and the whole meteorite also has radiation effect.


“Yangjinshicheng” is rich in gold, which does not mean that it has strong efficacy, because although gold is precious, its efficacy is very weak. At this point, the problem arises. Can yangjinshicheng really only release some elements after boiling water at high temperature?

Therefore, experts began to cook “yangjinshi” with water, but the water was soon cooked. Experts carefully tested the water quality, but the results were unexpected. The test results show that there is no difference in the quality of boiled water.

According to the analysis of the test results, experts made further speculation on the curative effect of “yangjinshicheng” water. There are two guesses. One is that the water quality has not changed, but after the water is boiled by “yangjinshi city”, it becomes “divine water” in people’s consciousness. Therefore, “Shenshui” can give the puerpera psychological hint, thus relaxes the spirit, the smooth childbirth.

Second, the water quality has changed, but with the existing technology, the existence of mysterious substances can not be checked at all. In other words, the mysterious substance in the water of “yangjinshicheng” may be a cosmic element that has not been discovered by human beings.


Modern science and technology are changing with each passing day. For a long time, people used to call themselves “highly developed”, but for the vast universe, people are quite small. Limited by the development of science and technology, there are many unsolved mysteries in the universe. People can only “cross the river by feeling the stones” by guessing.

The mysterious “nourishing gold and stone technetium” of miraculous midwifery may be like the enlightenment that ancient people saw from radio communication technology. They will certainly be surprised at this, and even think that this is “immortal practice”. It is gratifying that human science and technology are still making continuous progress, and many mysteries that were once difficult to solve have been solved one after another.

Xiaobian believes that as time goes on, the mystery of midwifery will be solved. Let’s look forward to that exciting moment.


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