Xinjiang 300000 mice jump off the cliff, local people are puzzled, suspected to send a dangerous signal!

Xinjiang 300000 mice jump off the cliff, local people are puzzled, suspected to send a dangerous signal!

All living things on the earth play different roles, including producers, decomposers and consumers. Because of their existence, the ecological balance is maintained. Everyone has seen mice, it often appears in life, whether in rural or urban areas, it is everywhere. It not only has a strong adaptability, but also has a strong reproductive capacity. Never picky about food, tree hole everything proficient, become one of the animals that humans hate.

The most elusive thing is that a strange scene appeared on a cliff in Xinjiang. Nearly 300000 rats jumped off the cliff, causing panic among local residents. What do these rats’ strange behaviors seem to imply to human beings? Mice and humans have been fighting for wisdom and courage for thousands of years. They have strong vitality and can survive even in bad environment. In order to eliminate mice, humans invented rodenticides, mousetrap and so on, but they did not exterminate them completely. It’s reasonable to say that a shrewd creature like a mouse can’t do such stupid behavior. What’s the truth behind this? Xinjiang 300000 mice jump off the cliff, local people are puzzled, suspected to send a dangerous signal!

What role do mice play in nature?

The status of mice in the zodiac is not low. In this big world, there are more than 480 kinds of mice. The mousetrap made by human is basically ineffective for it. The intelligence of mice has long been beyond our cognition. It is tired of human tricks, so the scope of activities of mice is gradually expanding. Xinjiang is a sparsely populated area with a wide range of land. There is a kind of mouse that breeds here and has been passed on from generation to generation. It is Euonymus flavipectus. Its reproductive ability is so powerful that local residents are disturbed by it.

In 1994, nearly 300000 hamsters jumped off the cliff in Xinjiang one after another. Experts frowned when they saw the scene. The reason why they did this extreme behavior may be related to environmental changes. Although mice are not picky about the environment, they are very sensitive to environmental changes. Under normal circumstances, they will never be short-sighted.

What damage does human beings do to the earth?

In recent years, the destruction of the natural environment has become more and more uncontrollable, the excessive deforestation of forests, littering pollution of water sources, the survival place of eumeria is less and less, their reproduction speed is amazing, has already exceeded the carrying capacity of the environment, in order to ensure the genocide, so they choose this way to end their lives. In fact, the hamster is sending a dangerous signal to human beings. Human beings are wantonly destroying the earth’s environment, which has been seriously dissatisfied by natural creatures. Only in this way can they continue their race. Unless human beings establish the consciousness of protecting the earth and plant more trees, the tragedy of the hamster will not reappear.

All the problems come from human beings. Sometimes, the abnormal behavior of creatures will lead to unexpected discoveries after careful promotion. Don’t ignore any small animals around you. Their behavior may be suggestive of human beings. Scientists have long appealed to human beings to protect the environment and take good care of the earth. Only in this way can the earth’s environment become better and better. What do you think of this anomaly that once appeared in Xinjiang? You can leave a message for interaction.

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