Yang Liwei was not the first person to fly to the sky in China. Qian Xuesen said that this person was 600 years earlier!

On October 15, 2003, 9:00 Beijing time is a day worthy of Chinese people’s memory, because on this day, our space hero Yang Liwei went into space for the first time by the Shenzhou-5 spacecraft carried by the long march 2F rocket. This feat makes China the third country in the world to master manned space and core technology. But do you guys know that? In Chinese history, the first person to fly to heaven actually appeared in the Ming Dynasty!


Xiaobian said here, I believe many people have thought of the name “wanhu”. Wanhu is the first person in the world to use rocket to try to fly into space. Although his efforts failed, he created a precedent of using rocket to launch. He was respected as “the real ancestor of Astronautics” and “the first person in the sky”. Even in memory of his fearless spirit and noble quality of exploration, scientists named a crater on the moon “wanhu crater”. So in history, what kind of person is wanhu? Today, Xiaobian will take you to understand.

Due to various reasons, there is no relevant record of ten thousand households in orthodox history books. According to the book rocket and jet engine published by American rocket scientist Herbert S. Kim in 1945, about the end of the 14th century, a Chinese official named wanhu strapped himself to a seat with 47 homemade rockets, and then held a big kite in one hand, hoping to fly to the sky with the upward thrust of the rocket, and then use the kite to land smoothly.


Although we have no textual research on official historical documents, we can also listen to folklore. Although there are various versions of folklore, there are also several more credible and famous ones. One of them is like this:


Wanhu, whose real name was Tao Chengdao, was a scholar official in Ming Dynasty. Because he was once appointed as wanhu, later generations also called him wanhu. At first, Tao Chengdao was just an ordinary carpenter, but because he was keen on technological invention, he even invented many weapons for the army. As a result, he was appreciated by the General Ban Bei of the Ming Dynasty, so Taocheng has been appointed to the ordnance Bureau.

Later, just like all the stories in history, the honest and honest General Ban Bei was framed by the thieves, and ten thousand families could not extricate their friends from the predicament by only one person. Finally, he hated officialdom and began to live in seclusion in the mountains, concentrating on his love for heaven. Using kites and rockets, wanhu skillfully combined the two to make “flying birds”. On a night of favorable weather and location, he asked others to light the fuse for him and resolutely prepared to fly. We can imagine the result. Although wanhu failed to fulfill his dream in the end, he left a rich legacy in history. Qian Xuesen, a great scientist in modern times, once praised ten thousand families of students and called him “the first person in flying”.


The dead are gone and the spirit lives on. The spirit of wanhu will always be remembered by us!


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