Yang Liwei, who has won glory for his country, once heard the sound of knocking on the window in space. What is the truth behind it?

Yang Liwei, who has won glory for his country, once heard the sound of knocking on the window in space. What is the truth behind it?


When we were young, when the teacher asked us what our dreams were, many of us would say with one voice that we wanted to be astronauts when we grew up. Astronaut is a great profession, it is more complicated than we think. Since the rapid progress of science and technology, China’s manned space industry has started. Although it started late, it has developed very fast. The successful launch of Shenzhou-5 in 2003 made China the third successful country in the world. Yang Liwei is not only a meritorious official, but also the first person in China’s aerospace industry. He is a worthy hero.


As we all know, the environment of space is very different from that of the earth. Entering space is equivalent to dying. Yang Liwei went through a lot of hardships before he returned to the earth smoothly. When every astronaut landed in space, he had to go through high-intensity training, and he had to meet the standards of various physical functions. Since Yang Liwei landed successfully, he also recalled his experience in space. Yang Liwei, who has won glory for his country, once heard the sound of knocking on the window in space. What is the truth behind it?


It’s strange that, according to his description, he heard the sound of knocking on the window in space, which is very shocking. Some people suspect that there are other living bodies in the universe, or maybe the sound of alien knocking. What’s puzzling is that without air in space, sound can’t be transmitted. Even if someone knocks outside, Yang Liwei can’t hear the sound, so it’s very confusing.


After a long period of research, some scientists found that the astronauts of the former Soviet Union had a similar situation. After confirmation, they learned that the sound did not come from someone knocking on the window, but from the inside of the spaceship. Because the space environment is relatively depressed, there is no guarantee that the spaceship will not be damaged, but from the parts inside the spaceship, It means that the spaceship will face great risks, so Yang Liwei heard the sound of knocking on the window at that time. Because of the excessive pressure, the parts of the spaceship had problems.


You should know that the temperature in space is extremely high. It has almost reached 2000 degrees, and it has reached a critical point. If the pressure is higher, maybe Yang Liwei’s life will be in danger. Seeing so many great astronauts, everyone should hold a heart of awe. The space environment is uncertain, and we can’t guarantee their smooth return. However, the spirit of these astronauts entering space is admirable, and not everyone has such courage.


As the first person in aerospace, Yang Liwei has made outstanding contributions to the aerospace industry, which is worthy of praise. Today, China’s aerospace industry is becoming more and more mature, with more opportunities to enter the space. Some information collected also refreshes human’s understanding of the universe. According to this trend, if the level of science and technology is improved again, it may be realized in the future What do you think of the goal of free shuttle in space? You can leave a message for interaction.

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