Yin soldiers take the path of “Yin goes three, Yang goes four, a cry of chicken divides life and death”

The first contact about the way of Yin soldiers was in the notes of tomb robbers, which Wu Xie and fat man saw in the cloud top heaven palace of Changbai Mountain.

“We stepped back a few steps and found that there was a light blue mist coming out of all the stone crevices around us, and the speed was amazing. Almost in an instant, the mist began to curl below our knees, and our eyes were covered with a layer of fog, and it was still rising. Soon the flashlight Kwai had almost no effect.

Then we heard a series of antlers coming from one end of the rift valley, melodious and incomparable, circling several times in the rift valley. Countless dark shadows, with the sound of antlers, formed a long line and appeared in the fog at the end of the rift valley.

I can’t take time to respond. People here are dead and running. It’s already out of date. How come so many people come out suddenly? Is there another team here? But it’s not like this There are too many people.

One side of the fat man’s face has turned white, seems to have known what’s going on, mouth knot, for a long time to say all: “Yin soldiers borrow!”

Yin Bing? I am very puzzled, also want to ask him, did not expect that he covered my mouth, made a never talk gesture. We put down the flashlight, then went straight back and hid behind a big rock.


The team walked slowly towards us. I even saw the shadow of the fan flag of the people in front of us. The team was a group of four. They walked very neatly. Soon they came to us from the end of the rift valley in the distance. Under the light of the flashlight, the shadow of the fog became clearer and clearer.

When I looked at it, I could not help feeling numb. The people at the front of the team were wearing worn-out armor from the Shang Dynasty, with flagpoles in their hands, and some people carrying horns behind them. Although the load is so heavy, these people walk as if they are floating, with no sound and extremely fast speed. Another look at their faces, I almost bite off my tongue. They are all very long faces. The length of the whole head is twice as long as that of ordinary people. All of them are expressionless and extremely pale.

The ghosts as like as two peas of spirit passed through us without finding us walking straight through the gaps in the bronze doors. All soldiers were exactly the same as if they were paper paste.

Fat man and I didn’t dare to talk, expecting these people to pass quickly. At this time, the fat man suddenly shook his hand that pressed my mouth. I busily fixed my eyes and saw that stuffy oil bottle was wearing the same armor and walking in the middle of the team. His normal face was so different from the face of the monsters around him that we recognized it at a glance. ” (the above content comes from notes on Tomb raiding.)

The main interest of this passage is that it is highly similar to that in real life, so what is “the way of Yin soldiers”?

There are mainly three kinds of ways for the Yin soldiers: the first kind is caused by the constant resentment of the ancient or modern army after its defeat, coupled with the time and geographical environment at that time. The second kind of Yin soldiers often appear after many people died in a disaster. This kind of Yin soldiers refers to the ghost generals who come from the hell to arrest their souls. The third is ghost wars.

During the period of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang led his army southward to Luliang in order to pacify the rebellion of ethnic minorities in the south. One day, the Shu army and the southern army were at war on zhanmapo. Meng Huo, the king of Nanman, specially invited King mulu, the master of Bana cave, who is proficient in magic, to help. King mulu, who came to zhanmapo, ordered his officers and soldiers to dig two mountain roads less than 40 meters long and less than one meter wide, and led the Shu army here. After the blaring trumpet, tigers, leopards, jackals, birds and beasts came out in the wind. The Shu army was unable to resist and retreated into the valley. But just then, the accident happened. The army of Shu suddenly fell, and the southern army took the opportunity to pursue and kill, resulting in heavy casualties. Since then, there has always been a cloud here. We often hear the sound of weapons colliding and horses neighing.


The valley hidden in the dense forest is the manger. Now, the legend has been widely accepted by the villagers, and even become a guide’s commentary. This is the first kind. After the defeat, the ancient soldiers may not realize that they are dead and continue to fight at a specific time.

It is said that after the Tangshan earthquake, a rescue unit broke down on the side of the road when they were still one hour away from the Tangshan disaster area. No matter what they did, they could not restart. At this time, the unit received a call from the superior, “back the car to the right side of the road. No matter what you see, you are not allowed to speak or move.” Until late at night, when we were half asleep and half awake, we were awakened by the sound of a rumbling horse’s hooves. We saw one carriage after another passing by their cars, which came from the direction of Tangshan disaster area. But at this time, they can only see one carriage, but they just can’t see the driver. They only see a clear light (light green) on each carriage. He really sees what is pulled on the carriage – it’s human’s head, and every carriage is full of heads.

The old man said that this is the way of Yin soldiers. When there is a large-scale disaster or death, there will be many ghost messengers coming from the underworld to seek the soul, which will also happen. There are three realms and six ways of time. Not only do we have wars for humanity, but also ghosts, “Yin goes three, Yang goes four, and a cry of chicken divides life and death. “No matter how tough the army is, he has to arrange a good time to March. Either he leaves after the fourth shift or he has a rest in the third shift. Anyway, no army dares to March when the third and fourth shifts change. What should we do if we have to March? The leader of the team has to prepare a rooster. The rooster’s head is wrapped in a cloth bag and held in his hand. At the turn of the third shift and the fourth shift, the team keeps on. The leader can’t bleed, let the rooster see the light, or let it sing. Moreover, once the rooster’s head is broken, he will not die immediately. If he wants to shout, his throat will be broken and he can’t cry out, and he will make a clucking sound It’s called Chicken advice. Jini is to say hello to the Yin soldiers who are walking, exhorting: “the dead old and young men have their own difficulties, you are on your way, we are on our way, all of them are sent by the top, please let me go, don’t rush. “

The most famous event related to the passage of Yin soldiers is the Forbidden City in Beijing. In the Forbidden City after five o’clock, there are often maids, eunuchs, and even people crying, which makes people creepy. So in the past, visitors were not allowed to stay in the Forbidden City before five o’clock in the afternoon. It is said that one night in 1983, a man walked through the wall near the treasure house of the Forbidden City, and suddenly found a pair of people with palace lanterns in the distance. He thought that in this era, they all use flashlights. Who still uses palace lanterns? But when we think about the party’s teaching that there are no ghosts and gods in the world, it must be that our eyes are dazzled, or some natural phenomenon, so we want to go forward and have a look, but we can’t catch up with that group of people with palace lanterns. However, from a distance, we can see that it is indeed the palace maids in the Qing Dynasty’s Qipao and the palace lanterns in gauze walking neatly. This scared him. He sat down on the ground and didn’t dare to chase him. Until the light was out of sight, he moved home step by step from another road.

Experts in the Forbidden City have explained that the scarlet palace wall is rich in Fe3O4, which is a magnetic material and can record sound. In the climate of lightning and thunder, the chemical reaction between lightning and Fe3O4 leads to the recording function of magnetic tape.

Of course, science or supernatural, the world is big, science is small.


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