Yinchuan Helan Mountain found murals ten thousand years ago, suspected of astronauts, aliens come to our country?

Since ancient times, human beings have been looking for extraterrestrial life. Extraterrestrial visitors have appeared in the sky of many countries, but these videos are very vague, and we can’t determine the identity of these extraterrestrial visitors. In the eyes of many scientists, the existence of extraterrestrial life has become a fact. Many people believe that if extraterrestrial life really came to the earth, it will leave traces on the earth. In the process of archaeology, we have made unexpected discoveries.


Stone paintings in India


If we pay attention, we will find that there are records of extraterrestrial life in many places. Scientists once found a large number of stone paintings in a cave in India. After research, they found that these stone paintings have been 10000 years ago. This is not the most surprising place for scientists. When scientists carefully looked at these stone paintings, they found that there were many models of modern science and technology in the paintings, including many disk-shaped aircraft and strange creatures. These creatures have strange looks. Although they have limbs, they have big eyes and heads. Many people suspect that they may be aliens.


Ancient Aliens


Coincidentally, there are also records about aliens in ancient books in China. I wonder if you have ever read the book shiyiji, in which there is such a story. It is said that Qin Shihuang once met an alien race. This alien race is called wanqu people. It is said that they came from the deep sea civilization. They not only have advanced scientific and technological level, but also can survive in the seabed, They can get in and out in submarines. Even though modern human beings have become the overlord of the earth, they are still unable to conquer the sea, let alone survive in the sea. Is there any other base of intelligent life on the bottom of the sea?


Murals of Helan Mountain in Yinchuan


In the process of excavation, scientists found that many mysterious murals appeared in HELANKOU, Yinchuan, China. These mysterious murals have been more than 10000 years ago. They recorded the living habits and cultural traditions of local ethnic minorities, and some of them attracted the attention of scientists. It turns out that in these murals, there was a costume similar to that of astronauts. Scientists believe that if people at that time had not seen astronauts, it would be difficult to draw these murals only by imagination.


Up to now, scientists are still studying these murals, hoping to unravel the secrets of these murals. Some people think that perhaps these stones are more than 10000 years old, and these murals may also be painted by people in the later period. Some people speculate that perhaps these murals are just unintentionally painted by people, which is still controversial until now.


Up to now, we are still looking for traces of extraterrestrial life. Although we don’t have many results, Xiaobian believes that in the future, life will no longer be strange to us. Have you ever been to Helan Mountain?

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