You can’t learn the secret of Japanese girls’ fear of cold in winter

If you want to know which family is better in winter, you can go to Japan to find Gu Liang. Xiaobian has seen all kinds of Xiao Gu Liang for so many years. Japanese Xiao Gu Liang is really frost resistant. The big white leg, which is exposed in winter, has a kind of frozen meat to rush to the feet, and a kind of coldness makes Xiaobian think you are cold!

Xiaobian can’t understand why there is such a big gap between people. Later, Xiaobian made a special study of Japan’s big legs, and suddenly realized that, wow, Kaka, it turns out that this is the way it is. When they were in kindergarten, in the winter, their children were thrown naked on the street. You’re right. They all took off their clothes and threw them on the street Thank them for leaving a pair of underwear), which is called “exercise perseverance and perseverance”. Boys and girls winter dress up mainly shows such characteristics: the younger, the less to wear. However, Xiaobian thinks that 80% of the reason for Gu Liang’s bare thighs in Japan may be because of one word – beauty! Yes, it’s beauty. Come and read it with me, m ě I. It’s really adhering to the saying “to be elegant, not to be warm.”! No wonder the island’s tertiary industry has developed so well that it has cultivated its acting skills since childhood!

It seems that we have to cultivate everything from childhood. Now we finally know why they are not cold in their bare thighs. That is tolerance. How hard it is to endure. For example, we can’t treat our children like this. Every parent treats our children like this. They are afraid of melting in their mouth and falling in their hands. At the thought of putting this way in our hands, those naughty bear children, come here, come here, let’s exercise our indomitable character. Hehe, Xiaobian just wants to think that only bear children bully parents. It’s our turn to bully them.

Sure enough, Japan has carried out their reputation from ancient times to the end, but Xiaobian here still advises: those Japanese aunts are cool, wear more, or you will become a group of old cold legs when you are old. When you are young, you will become a net star. Do you want to be red again when you are old?

This article is the original work of Meng Kaixin, the author of Jiujian

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