You know what? Every time sperm whales defecate, people will coax them to “grab food” like flies

In the magical underwater world, there are always all kinds of things that we don’t know and always yearn for. Have you ever seen divers tracking fish? At the bottom of the sea, there is a large organism 18-25 meters long that is often followed by divers. Why?

It turns out that this kind of creature is sperm whale, and divers often follow them, just to wait for sperm whale to defecate and rush on, just like a group of flies. In the eyes of divers, every defecation of sperm whales is a rare chance to find treasure. Even if the excreta of sperm whales will disperse like clouds, divers will not miss every chance to find treasure.

There is a Chinese medicine called “amber”, also known as “gray amber” in the west, often used as perfume fixative. In the field of traditional Chinese medicine in China, ambergris can promote qi and blood circulation, relieve pain and promote diuresis. It is an expensive traditional Chinese medicine for cough, asthma, pneumoconiosis, abdominal pain, gonorrhea, etc. This kind of traditional Chinese medicine is only produced in the digestive system of sperm whales, so divers have to rush in when sperm whales excrete. The purpose is this kind of “ambergris”.

Because ambergris has an outstanding role in the field of traditional Chinese medicine and is a kind of high-grade spice in western countries, it is very expensive and more valuable than gold. Therefore, many criminals will kill sperm whales to get ambergris in order to make huge profits, but this practice is tantamount to killing the chicken to get the eggs. The “ambergris fragrance” that has not been excreted can not be called “ambergris fragrance”, and can only be called “intestinal fragrance” at most, and the target substance that can be obtained by killing a sperm whale is also limited. However, there are still many lawbreakers who enjoy it, and sperm whales are listed in the red list of endangered species.

In the history of the world, the first country to discover ambergris and use it is China. Ancient fishermen often fished in the sea and found some gray white wax like drifters. Although they had a strong fishy smell, after drying, the smell was strong and lasting. After lighting, the smell was overflowing, far more than musk. Therefore, in ancient times, many high-ranking officials and dignitaries bought this “treasure” at a high price and offered it to high-ranking officials and even the emperor. Therefore, ambergris was accepted by the royal family as a spice or medicine. At that time, people didn’t know how to produce this kind of thing, and many people speculated that it might be the saliva from the dragon, so it was named “ambergris”.

Although ambergris is good, it can only be taken from sperm whales. If the human beings kill sperm whales and leave the world in the future, the precious ambergris will no longer exist. Therefore, it is urgent to protect sperm whales. Although ambergris is good, please take it through formal channels.

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