You know what? One billion years from now, the earth may be dried up. Where will mankind go?

A loud bang awakened all the sleeping “creatures” in the dark and chaotic space. The universe appeared and the earth was born. Everything seemed so magical. The universe was born in the explosion and the earth was born in the crisis! But in a billion years, the earth may be dried by the sun, so where will the living life go?

The earth has existed for 4.6 billion years. Everything on the earth seems to have not changed, and people’s daily life has not been affected. However, human beings do not seem to see the “change” of the earth in the imperceptible time. The magic of this planet is that it can give birth to life, and it has a special ecosystem. However, the earth’s climate has undergone serious changes today. The global climate is deteriorating, the temperature is rising, and the sea level is rising. In the future, many island countries will face the crisis of territorial loss. What should we do in the future?

Of course, the change will not only happen to the earth, the sun that provides energy for the earth is also slowly changing! Through a careful study of the sun, scientists found that perhaps in the next 5 billion years, the sun’s fuel will run out, enter aging, from people’s favorite “young” sun into a terrible red giant! And then the sun is not the real sun, the body will be bigger and bigger, constantly devouring the surrounding planets, then the earth can not be spared!

However, scientists quickly came to a new conclusion: don’t wait for the sun to become a red giant, life on earth will disappear in a billion years! In a billion years, the sun will dry the earth, and all living things and life on the earth will “die.”. Researchers point out that the sun shines by nuclear fusion. In the Mesozoic era, the sun gathered the core hydrogen into helium. In the long process of evolution, plus the blessing of gravity, the core finally collapsed. When the temperature of the sun reached the ignition point of helium, the core burned and helium filled the sun. Every billion years, the burning of the helium layer will make the sun brighter, and its color will also change!

After turning into a red giant, the sun “has a big appetite”. In order to “feel full”, it can only devour the surrounding planets! Although a billion years later, the sun only increased its luminosity, and did not directly engulf the earth, but for life on earth, this is a fatal crisis! As a planet living in the habitable zone, there will be very stable liquid water on the surface of the earth. When the temperature of the sun rises, the liquid water will evaporate, and the water resources on the earth will also evaporate. If there is no water resources, the earth will be moved out of the habitable zone. At that time, the earth seemed to be locked in a hot “stove”, all life “died” in the high temperature, and the dynamic earth would become full of death breath!

Obviously, a billion years is still far away. Although human beings can’t predict the future, the future is in their own hands. Therefore, in the face of this death crisis, human beings will look for another suitable home for survival Mars. Now, the United States has launched the “Mars program”. It is expected that the first group of human beings will arrive on Mars in 2024, and begin a more than ten-year journey to build Mars. Finally, by 2050, Mars will become the first planet for human migration!

Although these are only plans, now the plans are gradually realized, so that the living life on earth will bloom their own future again!

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