You may have seen a beautiful peacock open screen, but have you seen a more beautiful “rhinoceros open screen”?

To see the peacock open has always been said to be good luck. The peacock screen is not often seen, people always think that the peacock screen is open because of happy. In fact, the peacock will only turn on the screen when it is stimulated or threatened. This is actually to protect itself. So we usually see peacock screen is not very common.

Rhinoceros is the largest animal in the world. The rhinoceros is thick and rough, in the shoulder waist and other places into a fold arrangement, it can be said that the rhinoceros is not possible to open the screen. But in the UK, a field photographer named Mukherjee was lined up with a rhinoceros.

It turned out that when the photographer was shooting in gorumara National Park in West Bengal, India, a rhinoceros happened to walk in front of a peacock that was opening the screen. From the angle of the photographer, he just saw an illusion that the rhinoceros was opening the screen.

The photographer is also very dedicated. Although the rhinoceros is very close to the photographer, Mukherjee didn’t escape and took such amazing and beautiful photos.

It can be said that only with these dedicated photographers can we see these precious photos. We should pay tribute to these photographers.

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