You think humans domesticated animals? No, human, please don’t be conceited any more!

At dusk, the park is always full of people taking pets for a walk. If you stay a little longer, you may be able to see the interaction between people and pets. In addition to walking dogs, there are many news about walking other new pets on the Internet, such as ducks, snakes, mice, alpacas and so on. However, after seeing this situation, I can’t help but sigh, is it people walking pets or pets walking people? In fact, human beings are also animals, but they have high intelligence. In ancient times, there was no essential difference between human beings and other animals. Darwin’s theory of evolution: natural selection, survival of the fittest. After tens of thousands of years of evolution, human beings and other animals have already opened a clear gap. On the earth, human wisdom highlights its advantages and occupies a dominant position. All this is the result of natural selection.

In ancient times, human beings also followed the laws of nature and adapted to the laws of evolution. However, with the development and utilization of our own wisdom, human beings have discovered a new world different from nature – science. Science makes people no longer completely bound by the laws of nature, and no longer follow the pace of natural selection. We can replace our necrotic organs and parts with machines, although this technology can not be applied in a large area at present.

The idea that humans want to escape the shackles of natural selection also affects other species, as scientists agree. Due to the material and spiritual needs, humans raise domesticated animals, but this behavior will lead to the interference of the evolutionary direction of animals. If some animals return to the original living environment under human domestication or breeding, they will find it difficult to adapt and survive. Wild dogs have upright ears. After being domesticated by humans, their ears droop over time and their temperament is closer to human beings. Today, there is a clear difference between domestic pets and wild relatives, so scientists are worried about whether this will have an unpredictable impact on natural evolution.

An experiment in Switzerland shows that animals are domesticated by themselves, not by humans. A large number of wild mice were placed in the warehouse, and food and water were added regularly without domestication. After a period of time, the character of mice began to change. Instead of the fear of wild mice, they took the initiative to get close to human beings. After a few years, their appearance also changed. Therefore, animals do not change for human reasons. In fact, they are actively taming themselves. They still evolve under the influence of the environment and follow the law of natural selection. In fact, human beings are not like this. In an environment where food and clothing are free and there is no competition, they are not primitive savage, friendly and gentle. Human beings are not completely out of nature

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