You’ve heard of cremation, sky burial and earth burial, but have you heard of space burial?

Since ancient times, we Chinese have paid attention to the burial of the dead. Although there are many ways of funeral, we must at least return to our hometown. In ancient times, the purpose of “chasing the dead” was not such a thing. At present, the common funeral methods we know mainly include earth burial, cremation, sky burial and water burial, but have you heard of this kind of “space burial”?

The first one Xiaobian wants to talk about is a scientist named “Eugene shumeike”. He was born in 1928 and has made great contributions to the planetary field. He once discovered “comet shumeike Levi 9”. Levi is her wife. Of course, the name of the comet is also named by both of them. In 1997, shumeike died in a car accident. He had made great achievements in astronomy. His ashes were put on the lunar explorer. On July 31, 1999, the lunar explorer successfully bumped into the man who ended up on the moon. He is the only one buried in space.

The second is Clyde William Tombaugh, born in 1906 and died in 1997. He has successfully discovered Pluto, and then there are 14 asteroids. He has even witnessed UFO events, and firmly believes that UFO is real. After TOMBO died in 1997, part of his ashes were successfully launched by NASA’s new horizon probe in 2016. The destination was to fly past Pluto, which he found, and fly directly out of the solar system after completing the shooting and exploration mission.

The third is three unfortunate astronauts. If you think it is far fetched for the first two to cremate before launching into space, let’s take a look at the following three.

The first space station launched in human history is the former Soviet Union’s gun salute No.1, which was launched in 1971. The Soviet Union wanted to use the soyuz-10 to transport astronauts into salute 1, but the soyuz-10 failed because of the problem of docking parts. Later, the Soviet Union sent its second spaceship, soyuz-11, to dock with the space station, where the astronauts stayed for 23 days. Finally, in the process of soyuz-11’s return to earth, due to an accident, the body fluids of the three astronauts vaporized and died directly in outer space, which may still be floating in space.

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