Yunnan has disappeared species, extinct species appear again, the earth’s environment is getting better?

Today’s ecosystem is a scene of vitality. During the billions of years of the earth’s existence, all kinds of species have tried their best to survive on the earth. No creature can violate the iron law of nature, the fittest survive, the fittest out, it is with such a mechanism exists, let nature become more stable. There have been extinctions in history. 65 million years ago, dinosaurs disappeared on the stage of history because of the great changes in the earth’s environment.

Scientists have made statistics that every mass extinction event will cause 80% of species to disappear, but after the restoration of the earth’s environment, the disappeared species are no longer there, but there will always be new species to supplement. Human beings have reached the top of the food chain. With the improvement of economic level, our damage to the earth’s environment is becoming more and more serious. Scientists have also warned human beings that the sixth mass extinction may be coming. That’s not out of thin air. They did a survey. In 35 years, the number of bees and other insects has decreased by 45%, which means that the number of insects on earth is decreasing.

Re emerging species

Although the number of insects is decreasing, I don’t know if you have noticed this phenomenon. In recent years, we can often see the news that species appear again. There is one of the largest land turtles on the earth, the Galapagos tortoise on fernandena island. Experts once thought that this kind of tortoise had disappeared for more than 100 years and was declared extinct, but they didn’t expect it to reappear.

In addition, scientists have also found diphtheria Yangji, which disappeared as early as 130000 years ago, and Kulu Rhododendron, which has long been recognized as extinct by experts. Are these species that have disappeared and reappeared good or bad for the earth’s environment? This question has not been answered. Some time ago, a rare species was found in Yingjiang, Yunnan Province. This species has been declared extinct for a long time, but unexpectedly, it has been found in many places in Kunming, Yunnan Province in recent years. This species is called colorful stork.

What happened in Yunnan?

The color stork is widely distributed in many southern cities in China. However, in recent years, with the deterioration of the environment, the number of color storks is on the verge of extinction. It was not until a few days ago that the photographer photographed the color stork that this kind of creature appeared in front of human beings again. Many people here also have such doubts. Does this mean that the earth’s environment is self repairing What about the reply?

Strictly speaking, the earth has the ability of self-healing, but with the extensive exploitation of the earth’s resources in recent years, the earth’s environment has undergone irreversible changes. The re emergence of these creatures probably means that the earth’s environment is gradually improving. Of course, some people have put forward different views. Maybe these creatures are not extinct, but they are too rare to be noticed, so they are mistaken for extinction. I don’t know what you think.

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