Yushu “meteor” confirmed as Apollo near Earth Asteroid, weighing about 430 tons, how much is it worth?

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I believe many people have seen the “meteor shower”. It is said that when there is a “meteor shower” in the sky that day, the promise made will be realized. Whether it’s true or not, we are lucky to see meteor shower in the vast space of the universe.

The largest meteor found in Yushu, Qinghai Province in recent 30 years

At 7:23 on December 23, 2020, the night sky in Nangqian County, Qinghai Province was lit up by a meteor. Local people have used mobile phones, cameras and other shooting equipment to record the beautiful picture. “I heard a loud noise at that time and thought that there was an explosion somewhere. Then I saw that the whole sky was very bright, as if there was a big fire ball rowing across it,” a netizen told us with both voice and emotion It is understood that this fireball runs through the whole sky from north to south. It makes a deafening explosion when it slides down. After shining, the sky in Yushu, Qinghai, returns to silence. Astronomers said it was the largest meteor in Yushu, Qinghai Province in the past 30 years.

The picture shows the scene



It’s not a meteorite, it’s a fireball

For ordinary people, it may be the first time to see this celestial anomaly. What is the fireball in the sky? Why do astronomers call this event a “meteor”? Let’s first understand what is a fireball. Strictly speaking, a fireball is the intense friction between the meteoroid and the atmosphere to produce light. The mass of the meteor is so large that it enters the earth’s atmosphere. Later, it can’t burn out at high altitude and continues to break into the dense lower atmosphere. At last, it rubs against the earth’s atmosphere at the fastest speed and produces dazzling light. Yushu sky appeared as a fireball of unknown objects, the sky is illuminated, which is extremely consistent with the fireball.

If the meteor shower in the sky is a normal astronomical phenomenon, then the fireball is an abnormal phenomenon. Meteor shower is a kind of meteorite with small mass, and its flight speed is far less than that of firemeteor. After entering the atmosphere, they just pass by instantaneously, and then disappear. Even the debris will not fall to the ground, and all of them will be burned by the atmosphere. Meteor showers occur at least a thousand times a year, and the number of firestars is very few. The remains will land on the ground. This kind of meteorite is only a few hundred grams small and tens of thousands of grams large.

The picture shows the scene witness in Qinghai



The fireball appeared over Yushu and exploded more than ten times

Compared with meteor shower, the biggest difference is multiple “explosions”. It seems that the threat of meteors to the earth never stops. This time, after the meteor appeared in Yushu, Qinghai Province, it caused a great shock. Even the local seismograph also monitored the shock wave. So why did the fireball explode many times over Yushu, Qinghai?

We all know that Yushu in Qinghai is a place with vast territory and few people, and the air is thin. When the asteroid has been flying in the highly rarefied gas of the earth’s atmosphere, its temperature will also rise. Under the stimulation of internal and external temperature and pressure, the star will explode, especially when it falls from a height of 10000 meters, the number of explosions will occur frequently with the acceleration of speed. Scientists preliminarily estimated that the asteroid explosion in Yushu, Qinghai Province reached more than ten times, which will produce a large number of meteorite fragments and meteorite rain.

Qinghai scene witness video


3. The scientists predicted that the moon

Apollo near earth

The asteroid weighs 430 tons

In recent decades, the Chelyabinsk meteor event in Russia is the most famous one. At that time, astronomers found that the weight of the meteorite was as high as 570kg. When the meteorite appeared, the shock wave caused many windows of local residents to break. The meteorite falling from the meteor event in Yushu, after in-depth analysis based on relevant data, scientists give the answer that the meteorite falling from the meteor is predicted to be about 6.5 meters in diameter. It belongs to the Apollo type near Earth Asteroid and weighs about 430 tons. It is estimated that it is likely to create the record of the largest meteorite falling in decades.

When a huge star collides with the earth, the consequences are unimaginable. Compared with that before, dinosaurs died out, most of them were caused by asteroid impact on the earth. If the falling meteorite in Yushu, Qinghai, is very huge, its impact speed also makes scientists’ pores creepy.


The picture shows the Chelyabinsk meteor event

4. The terrain of meteorite landing is complex and its trace is hard to find

The meteor event in Yushu, Qinghai Province, has attracted many meteorite lovers. Even some “hunters” who have a keen sense of smell to look for meteorites have already carried their bags and rushed to Yushu ahead of time. It seems that searching for meteorites has become their belief. However, the meteorite in Yushu, Qinghai Province, fell like a needle in a haystack, which was extremely difficult to find. From the flying direction of the meteor, it appears from north to south in winter, and the wind direction is not fixed at that time.

Due to the complex terrain, crisscross valleys, cold climate and snow cover in Qinghai, it is impossible to find meteorites. In addition, because the meteor flies very fast after entering the atmosphere, this great power can easily make the meteorite disintegrate, and it is even less easy to be found when the texture becomes smaller.

The picture shows the falling position of the Qinghai meteorite


What is the value of meteorite in Yushu, Qinghai?

Meteorite is from outer space, after impact into the earth’s atmosphere, it will leave debris on the ground. This kind of natural celestial body has potential market value. In recent years, there has been an upsurge of collecting meteorites at home and abroad, and the price of meteorites has been soaring in just a few years.


For the country, the greatest value of meteorites lies in scientific research

Meteorite is an important bridge for human beings to explore the universe and understand the moon. Although the surface of some meteorites is a dark and unremarkable stone, through in-depth research, scientists can find out how many minerals they contain and which minerals have never been found on earth.


According to the structural analysis of meteorites, even scientists can find the process of the formation and evolution of the solar system. Some meteorites are decomposed from their parent bodies, and their texture is fragile. Through the appearance, scientists can also analyze when they hit the earth and how strong the impact is. Thus, a meteorite has great scientific research value for the country. If the Qinghai meteorite is found by the national staff, it will be of great significance to the scientific research of our country, and even develop new important energy according to the new mineral composition hidden in it.


It has great economic value for individuals

Nowadays, meteorite has become a new favorite in the field of collection and health care. For individuals, meteorite has great economic value. Many enterprises and individuals have also participated in the development and promotion of meteorite. Now, the value of meteorite will continue to rise in the form of increasing. Meteorite experts with collection experience will classify meteorites according to their texture. The prices of meteorites with different textures are also different.



What kind of meteorite is the most valuable? What is the value of meteorite in Yushu, Qinghai?

Generally speaking, most of the meteorites come from the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, and very few from the moon and Mars. They are mainly divided into three categories, the first is stony meteorite, the second is iron meteorite, and the third is rock iron mixed meteorite. So what meteorite is the most valuable? The answer is no more than “lunar meteorite”. Christie’s auction house in the UK auctioned a 13 kg lunar meteorite for 17.672 million yuan. This auction record makes the lunar meteorite the most expensive meteorite worthy of the name. Some netizens can’t help asking, “how much can the meteorite in Yushu, Qinghai be worth?”

The picture shows the moon rock auctioned by Christie’s auction house

Judging from the current meteorite market price, the price of the most common meteorite is also higher than that of gold on the market. If the meteorite landed in Yushu, Qinghai is from Mars, then it is a rare treasure in the meteorite world. This kind of meteorite is not only smooth in texture, but also very hard. It’s very valuable, not inferior to the meteorite on the moon.

It is understood that in Xishuangbanna, there was a “fireball” incident. Local villagers have found nearly 500 pieces of meteorite, of which 80 grams of meteorite picked up by one villager was sold for 200000 yuan. It can be seen that this is why many meteorite collectors would rather risk their lives to find the meteorite in Yushu, Qinghai.


The occurrence of a meteorite landing event should not be neglected. It may be a precursor of disaster

As we mentioned earlier, the formation of firestars is very simple. It is caused by atmospheric friction and high temperature. For human beings, it is very difficult to see the abnormal phenomena of firestars. However, some scientists believe that it is not a good thing for a huge planet to collide with the earth violently. It is very easy to change the earth’s climate and even cause the disappearance of species on the earth The extinction of dinosaurs is a lesson.

The power of the fireball is enormous. In 1908, a strong and fierce fireball explosion occurred over Siberia. It is reported that in the explosion, the power of the whole fireball was equal to that of the atomic bomb, and all the buildings around several hundred kilometers were shattered. Fortunately, there were no casualties.

1908 comet explosion in Siberia

As human beings, we should take a more long-term view, rather than just focusing on the immediate interests. We would rather risk our lives to find Yushu meteorite. The meteor event in Yushu, Qinghai, we can’t take it lightly. Maybe in the future, there will be obvious climate change in Qinghai. After all, the impact is quite violent, causing great interference to the space on the earth’s surface. We should be cautious. We can’t predict which day danger will happen in the future. The only thing we can do is to take preventive measures. In our limited life, we should protect our green mountains and rivers, reduce pollution, take good care of our ecological environment, and don’t let nature become a disaster threatening mankind.


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