Zhuge Liang PK Genghis Khan, who is better?

First of all, let’s talk about these two people. We are not historians. We don’t study history. We just express our own opinions.

Let’s talk about Genghis Khan first. He was born in 1162 ad, formerly known as Tiemuzhen. He was born in a Mongolian family. This famous family is good at riding and shooting, and is known as the nation on horseback. Later, he formed a very strong cavalry team with strict discipline and clear rewards and punishments.

In 1206, Genghis Khan unified the Mongolian tribes, and then he was pushed by the tribes to be the leader of the Great Khan, and established Mongolia. Then he promulgated the legal system, created the characters, and implemented the “leading household enfeoffment system”, which made Mongolia gradually prosperous, embarked on the road of expanding territory, conquered the Western Liao Dynasty, and fought to the east of Europe.


In 1226, he attacked Xixia again. In 1227, he died in Liupanshan barracks. Later, his children and grandchildren continued to fight. Later, Kublai Khan unified the whole country and established the Yuan Dynasty.

Zhuge Liang, a native of Nanyang, was very clever since he was a child. He also learned from the hermits Sima Hui and Pang Degong. He knew the astronomical phenomena, machine-making, military art, array and had a good strategy of governing the country.

Under the joint recommendation of Xu Shu and Sima Hui, he assisted Liu Bei to outwit Jingzhou and gain Yizhou, and then entered Sichuan. The team developed to more than 100000, governed Sichuan, integrated with ethnic minorities, and went out of Qishan six times to get through Guanzhong and restore the Central Plains for greater development.


However, because of the strength of Nai and Cao Wei, the natural moat of the eastern Wu Dynasty and the following generals, they did not go out of Sichuan, and there was no hope of unifying the whole country. They died in wuzhangyuan barracks with regret.

After all, Genghi Khan was the greatest pioneer of China and other great people in the world.

By the time of sun Kublai Khan, the Yuan Dynasty was established and China was truly unified. Because of the romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang, a military strategist of the Three Kingdoms, his image will always be engraved in the hearts of the Chinese people and become an immortal monument in history.


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