Zhuge Liang’s four great ancient Chinese prophecies are on the list. Science can’t explain them!

Naturally, the first book is the first prophecy book in China, the figure of pushing back. The figure of pushing back was written by Yuan Tiangang and Li Chunfeng of the Tang Dynasty. Many people think that this book may be fake or a Book of pretending to be a ghost. In fact, this book is a real work of easy learning. All the predictions and judgments in the book come from the book of changes, which can be said to be the real book of changes. There are 60 images in the picture of pushing back. Except that the introduction of the first image and the conclusion of the last image are not prophecies, there are 58 images of prophecy, from Qishu (the second image) of the Tang Dynasty to Datong of the world (the 59th image), and each image is connected without disorder. The 39th to 47th elephants represent the predictions of China from the middle of the 20th century to the first half of the 21st century, and from 39th to 42nd elephants have occurred.


The second book is Ma Qianke. When it comes to the representative of wisdom in China, most people may think of Zhuge Liang. Zhuge Liang is indeed a representative of wisdom in many people’s minds. It’s true that Zhuge Liang is a rare all-round talent in China. Although Zhuge Liang in the real history didn’t have the power to call the wind and rain like the romance of the Three Kingdoms, he is a real all-round talent. Shu only occupies one of the thirteen states in the world, but he can compete with Wei who has ten states. It can be seen that Zhuge Liang’s ability, and this Ma Qian lesson is Zhuge Liang’s book of changes.

The third book is the song of Shaobing. The author of this book is also very famous. Among the people, he is known as Liu Ji and Liu Bowen. There are also people who think Liu Bowen is better than Zhu Yuanzhang among the people. It can be seen that Liu Bowen’s position among the people. However, the origin of this book is also very interesting. At that time, Zhu Yuanzhang was eating Shaobing in the main hall. A eunuch told Zhu Yuanzhang that Liu Bowen would come to the audience. Zhu Yuanzhang wanted to test Zhu and Liu Bowen, so he ordered someone to take a bowl and put it on the Shaobing for Liu Bowen to guess. As a result, Liu Bowen said it. Zhu Yuanzhang was very shocked, so he asked Liu Bowen about the fate of the country. Liu Bowen said 40 ballads about it, and this is the Shaobing song.


The fourth book is plum blossom poetry. The author of this book is not a figure who is outstanding, but his position in the field of I-Ching is very high. This figure is Shao Yong, and the famous book of Huang Ji Jing Shi Shu in I-Ching was written by him. This book is a book that uses I-Ching and I-Ching to explore the origin of the universe, natural evolution and social and historical changes. It can be seen that the author of this book is very good Basic knowledge of Yi learning. Shao Yong is not only a Yi scholar, but also a famous Neo Confucianism and philosopher. In his later period, Shao Yong made a prediction of the future based on his own skills in the book of changes of plum blossom, and these predictions were recorded in the poem of plum blossom.


Each of the above four books is a model of the book of changes in China. The ability of prediction is very accurate, but it can’t be explained by science!

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